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Did you know that our classmate unofficially acknowledged by the teachers as least likely to succeed (Peter C) ended up being perhaps the most successful of all of us? Peter became an incredible bicycle riding phenomenon and pedaled from Los Angeles to Boston three times, doing about 4,000 miles last year alone! [Note: With great sorrow I must report that Peter passed away on October 4, 2009, when he suffered a heart attack while on a bicycle ride in Nova Scotia. He was doing what he loved most, and just two weeks prior he had spent a very happy day at the wedding of his younger son Ben.]

Did you know that the smartest one (Allen H), who could seriously have become a rocket scientist, instead opted for a secure position within the U.S. Postal Service?

Did you know that the best-dancing boy (Bob P) did not end up with the best-dancing girl (Susan F), but it all turned out just fine and they each found terrific life partners?

Do you remember tiny Connie B always seemed to carry the biggest stack of books, as well as the biggest lunch (suitable for a truck driver, thanks to her over-worried mother)? She used to give away over half her food so her lunch pail would be empty when she got home!

Do you remember how our parents hated having to drive us to parties at Suzanne G's or Andy B's because their houses were so far out in the sticks? Not anymore!

Have you seen the housing developments and brand new streets all over those uninhabited rural areas where we used to go bushwhacking?

Do you remember how our entire French class with Mrs. MacQueen used to break out in gales of laughter when we heard Butchie G giggle through the walls in Miss Spinney's U.S. History class and get the whole room in hysterics?

How about when John E (one of our tallest classmates, nicknamed "Tiny") forgot to do his Latin homework and translated the Lord's Prayer as "our Father who lives in a tent." Even stone-faced Mrs. Murphy laughed! And how red in the face Sandy O always got when she called on him as Albert.

What about poor Miss Stead, who slipped and fell on the ice outside the Junior High School, and I think it was John VD who ran over her leg on a bicycle and broke it! Do I have the story right? Maybe it was Roland E.

Or Miss Marcy, our powdered and perfumed music teacher, who sat on the round piano stool that someone had screwed to the very top and landed on the floor in humiliation, anger, and pain?

Do you remember Mr. Cogswell, the English teacher who had the habit of constantly licking his lower lip? He always used to say Lay instead of Leigh when calling on her in class, despite the many times she corrected him. I think it was his VW bug that a bunch of the boys picked up and moved in the parking lot behind the Junior High School.

The Junior High always struck me as such a dark and dismal building. The only great things that happened there were the sock hops in the old gym, even years later, which were always awesome! And the football rallies held in the bleachers, with Coach Fisher out on the gym floor getting everyone in a screaming frenzy the night before a game!

How about Miss Roberts, our fifth-grade teacher who taught all of us how to draw trees nicely with snow just on the upper sides of the branches, but then would come along and scribble backgrounds right through our pretty trees, ruining our carefully done artwork? I remember Bob P saying, "Look what she did to my drawing!" She had that crazy salt-and-pepper hair that somehow stuck out from her head in a most peculiar manner, sort of like a Brillo pad.

Did you know that our great friend and school rogue (Jaime B), always in trouble, suspended from school, and so misunderstood by all the teachers, became a famous folk singer and was invited years later to give a concert at the High School auditorium and did? Ahhh, eating crow isn't so bad after the first mouthful! Jaime is probably the only one of all of us whose name brings up search results on eBay!

OK, if any of this brings back memories you would like to share, please join us in creating a website we can all participate in and enjoy! This is only the beginning!



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