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I have made the offer to do an individual page on this website for each classmate who would like to participate. I am not going to write a biography for each person; I want you to write your own mini-autobiography and send it to me by email. I am willing to edit what you say, fixing typos and adding your photographs and attempting to make each page look pretty, but you have to provide the basics. This project will be time consuming for me and might extend over a period of months, not days or weeks, but I think we would all find it interesting to read about each other.

Life is a chain of experiences, both good and bad. We have all had our hopes and dreams; some came true and others did not, or not yet. Don't include anything you don't want people to know. If you went through some dark times that made your life better and you feel like discussing it, fine. If not, skip that part.

Your story needs to be the truth, but not the whole truth. If you didn't invent the light bulb, don't say you did. But if you want to skip the part about divorcing your 6th and 7th wives, getting fired from your job, or being chased by debt collectors, by all means do!

I would like each of you to start thinking about what you want to say. Start an email to me about your life, and keep saving it as a draft until you get it right. Your summary (as long or short as you want) should be about what you have done since high school, or before that if you wish. This might include further education, the military, your career, travel, information about your spouse/partner (present or former), children, grandchildren, where you have lived, what things have been important to you, hobbies and activities you love or hate, and whatever else you want to say. Please also gather some good clear photos you want to include (in .jpg format only), which you can send by email or put on a CD and mail to me (I can return the CD if you wish). Please don't send your summary until you feel it is ready, as I have been swamped with emails recently. And don't expect me to get it done overnight, as I have many other things to keep me busy.

When I get each page done, I will put it on the website in a private place where you alone can see it and approve it or make whatever changes you wish before making it public.

I have my first volunteer (guinea pig). The first profile will knock your socks off! No, I'm not telling! This is not a competition, but I will say that it's going to be a hard act to follow, so start writing!

I hope that some of the profiles, written in each person's own words over 45 years later, will set the record straight.

I mentioned before that we would not use last names for the sake of privacy. So please understand that a graphic image is not readable by a search engine as text is. The profiles will be listed in random, not alphabetical, order. If you are prepared to be amazed, as I was, start reading!





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